Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So Happy we finally have an official new logo! yeaayy!! I am so excited to share this on the blog,  This logo is made by Tegar, the Boyfriend :)) ( he's the one got me in to this craft thing :) ), it was made as simple as it can, with warm earthy color, to gave the feel of some old traditional homecraft, more like some craft your grandma would make, but this one with some more artsy touch off course. 

Hope you like the New Logo, and I also post some new illustration from Tegar to feast your eyes, he's into OWL these day, so here it is, hope u like it.    

Thursday, January 20, 2011

OWL Messenger

            Some of the thing i love to do on my spare time is making paper toy, like the one above, so cute isn't it, beautiful design and great lime green color, which is my favorite.  I downloaded the pattern from http://www.3eyedbear.com/  the pattern was very easy to work with, in fact i made this at the office while i was working.  Instead of just making it a display on my work space i decide to improve it a little, add up a call out balloon, write down a message on it, take a picture an send it as Picture Message.  At first I was going to put it in a box and send it by mail, so the person could actually see what it looked like, but then i was so impatient to show it off..haha. 

           So for all of you wanted to try making paper toy, you could easily google a free paper toy pattern for download, there are so many generous paper toy designer put their design on the web for free download.  I recommend http://salazad.com/smile/category/papertoys/   GO TRY IT !! HAVE FUN!