Thursday, February 24, 2011


So Excited to see Tegar got Featured On PROVOKE! Magazine.  He has been given the chance to do the Cover of PROVOKE! 51 Student Edition "You & Me Vs The World", as the cover artist He get to display some of his artwork and even do some short interview. Here it is to share with you all.

To know more about PROVOKE! and a quick review about this edition you can go to or you can Get Provoke! for FREE at your schools or from your Repro every month! and for more artwork from Tegar you could visit his gallery Hope you Love the artwork as much as I do, better have this edition cause it's gonna be a collectible item from a very talented artist :D (ps: he did not bribe me with Kinderbueno to wrote this :) )

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BIKE MADNESS By Design*Sponge

I was browsing some pictures to get some ideas to build my bike, then got linked to this Awesome post from Design*Sponge a real feast to the eyes for a bike enthusiast, awesome roundup and i just had to share this to you all, hope you all get the same excitement as i did.

Images above: 1. Nick Dewar Poster $34.99 ; 2. Pashley Handlebar Bag, $280; 3. Snake Bike Lock, $29.99; 4. Gypsy Grips, $14.99; 5. Electra Love Bell, $8.99; 6. Vintage Style Box Bag, $79; 7. Torpedo Light, $59.99; 8. Velorbis Dannebrog Bike, $1200 plus; 9. Public Red Brass Bell, $12; 10. Bensimon Slip-ons, $55

Images above: 1. Paper Source Wall Calendar, $27.95; 2. Bicycle Pannier, $64; 3. Jenny Grips, $14.99; 4. Cycloc Bike Lock, $92; 5. Nutcase Helmet, $40; 6. Summit Bell, $7.99; 7. Girard Bike by Electra

Images above: 1. Bike Snob, $16.95 (an urban-geared guide to the world of cycling); 2. Spoke Mirror, $59.95; 3. Cork Grips, $13; 4. Crane Bell, $12.99; 5. Bicycle Craft Paper, $1.95; 6. Bensimon Sneakers (great for casual riding), $55; 7. Leather Bicycle Streamers, $7.99; 8. Kara Ginther Leather Saddles, $99–$345 (for a custom design); 9. Hoxton Wire Basket, $160; 10. Velorbis Carrier Crate

Images above: 1. Girard Quatrefoil Bike, $799.99; 2. Electra Seafoam Bike, $480; 3. Gary Fisher Simple City 8, $750; 4. Velorbis Student Balloon Bike, $1295; 5. Linus Dutchie 1, $399; 6. Velorbis Studine Balloon Bike, $1295

For more pictures, links and to read the original post you can go to Design*Sponge .

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Happy February Everybody! I'm being a late bloomer so i'm gonna start 2011 in February, so hopefully more post in February (^_^).  So how was your weekend ?  I spend my last weekend in January strolling around the city with Tegar hunting for parts to build our Fixed Gear Bike, and was successfully done in just 2 days, our hard work strolling around the city was really paid off, we got some good bargain for the parts and  i got a quote from Tegar " Finished two bikes in two days requires skill to choose the shop and parts, browse hard, and as bonus add, a free tanned skin"..haha..really had fun, and here some picture of our bikes.


There you go!, our Fixed Gear Bike what do you think ? we both have the same fondness in bike , we would even imagine having a house with large garage filled with all kinds of bicycle not cars, and after our 'fixed Gear Bike Project, we are considering in building some Cruiser or  Dutch, hope to realize it soon.  Here are some very beautiful picture featured various kinds of Bicycle, hope after seeing this we could share the same fondness in Bicycle.