Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Happy February Everybody! I'm being a late bloomer so i'm gonna start 2011 in February, so hopefully more post in February (^_^).  So how was your weekend ?  I spend my last weekend in January strolling around the city with Tegar hunting for parts to build our Fixed Gear Bike, and was successfully done in just 2 days, our hard work strolling around the city was really paid off, we got some good bargain for the parts and  i got a quote from Tegar " Finished two bikes in two days requires skill to choose the shop and parts, browse hard, and as bonus add, a free tanned skin"..haha..really had fun, and here some picture of our bikes.


There you go!, our Fixed Gear Bike what do you think ? we both have the same fondness in bike , we would even imagine having a house with large garage filled with all kinds of bicycle not cars, and after our 'fixed Gear Bike Project, we are considering in building some Cruiser or  Dutch, hope to realize it soon.  Here are some very beautiful picture featured various kinds of Bicycle, hope after seeing this we could share the same fondness in Bicycle.



For more Awesome Bicycle picture you can visit http://delightfulcycles.tumblr.com/

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