Wednesday, March 23, 2011


     Say Hi to a new addition to our cycling family SIERRA, been having her for about 2 months now, been riding with her every Saturday and Sunday ever since, even refer it as "her" as if it is my new girl best friend  :). I had been browsing for some various type before I decide to buy SIERRA, but it was a real full of struggle to own it. 

     Saw her at 2 bike shop, the time I decide to buy her me and Tegar gone to the 1st shop near to my house, the SIERRA was available but had to be assembled first, after a long wait comes the final part attaching the basket, BUT THEN they brought out a different wire basket for different bike!, I complained instantly but they say it was the only basket left at the shop.  We got out the shop with a big disappointment , after a long wait we had to cancel the purchase, I wanted the original wire basket, the wire basket shape was one of the reason I want her.  But  hey! there are still the 2nd shop.

    Then we rushed to the 2nd store. So cant wait to take it home we actually run in excitement, the time we got there it was placed down from the display, search the place everywhere and Oh No! there were a piece of paper attached to it, looked at it closer, it's a purchase print! THE SIERRA was SOLD!! (T__T) heartbroken that day.

    The Next day I told the story to a friend of mine, turn out that he has a friend who own a bike shop (Big thanks to Samsul), then he managed to get me a SIERRA \(^__^)/ yeaaay..and the best thing is I got it with less price cheaper than any of the store before..haha..still some luck after all.  So that's a little story about my SIERRA, lesson learned that GOOD THINGS DO COMES TO THOSE WHO WAITS WITH PATIENCE.

Waiting for SIERRA to be assembled, can you see my So Happy Face..haha

Tegar took the first honour to ride SIERRA

Hope to do some face lift to SIERAA gonna dress her up fine..haha..stay tune for more of our bicycling diary :)


Friday, March 18, 2011


     Kinda late post actually, about the Jakarta 7th Toy & Comics Fair 2011 held last week, been so busy with my work afterwards haven't got the time until now. Hope it could still excite you, we went there on the second day, because usually they gave a bigger discount at the last hour before it ends :).  Took some pictures but only few of them good enough for the post, luckily my  "Venomous Kiss" photo were okay..hahaha. Here is the excitement.

Toy Story 3 Family

Lego Caste pic courtesy of

pic from

The thing about this fair is I love seeing the COSPLAY,  one I like the most is the PREDATOR cosplay totaly amazing.

pics from and
umbrella corp from Resident Evil

And My MOST FAVORITE PICTURE is *drumroll please :)

hahaha..hope you enjoy the Post! (^__^)/

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shout Out For 日本 !

My Biggest condolences to all the people of Japan, a trully devastating disaster, stoked and speechless when i first saw all those footage aired on tv, and still got goosebumps every time i saw it.  At the office one of the tv was set to broadcast the NHK channel the whole time so from there we first know the news.  Four year  gone to college Learning all about Japan, working in a Japanese Company met lots of Japanese so Japan Has been a part of my everyday life.  So Here is a shout out to Japan From Tegar and me.

Pray For Japan, Be Strong, Get Up Japan! 
皆さんのために祈る, 不屈の精神を与えられた, 頑張ってください!