Friday, March 18, 2011


     Kinda late post actually, about the Jakarta 7th Toy & Comics Fair 2011 held last week, been so busy with my work afterwards haven't got the time until now. Hope it could still excite you, we went there on the second day, because usually they gave a bigger discount at the last hour before it ends :).  Took some pictures but only few of them good enough for the post, luckily my  "Venomous Kiss" photo were okay..hahaha. Here is the excitement.

Toy Story 3 Family

Lego Caste pic courtesy of

pic from

The thing about this fair is I love seeing the COSPLAY,  one I like the most is the PREDATOR cosplay totaly amazing.

pics from and
umbrella corp from Resident Evil

And My MOST FAVORITE PICTURE is *drumroll please :)

hahaha..hope you enjoy the Post! (^__^)/

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